Swindon cut short Liverpool goalkeeper Lawrence Vigouroux’s loan spell

In what will probably be the greatest, and funniest story you’ll read today – Swindon have sent on loan Liverpool goalkeeper Lawrence Vigouroux back to Merseyside, after the joker paid a £50 club fine in pennies.

Vigouroux was fined for turning up to training late, and told to £50 so to set an example – and in hope the player would not make the same mistake again.

Sadly for Swindon, the 21-year-old clearly felt hard done by. Either that, or what may have been a joke was taken completely the wrong way by the Robins – but I doubt that was the case.

Signed by Liverpool from Tottenham last year, manager Brendan Rodgers sent the youngster out on loan to gain some first team experience, and had been performing well for Swindon before the incident.

Robins manager Mark Cooper, who is already working with a small squad, wouldn’t give too much away to the press following the revelation – but did say the matter had been dealt with, and he was unsure whether the player would be available on Tuesday.

“It’s a disciplinary internal matter. I’m not sure if he is (available on Tuesday).

“It’s come from me and the rest of the players. It won’t (cause an issue now) it’s been dealt with.”

With the departure of Vigouroux Swindon now face the problem of only having one senior keeper on the books, in the form of Ty Belford. Belford will now be favourite to start tomorrow night’s match when the club face Doncaster Rovers – but you would assume Cooper will be scrambling around to bring in another senior keeper on loan.